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Assam Govt TOP 100 Interview Questions and Answers

  1. The Assam Sahitya Sabha was first founded in the year






  1. The first conference of Assam Sahitya Sabha was held at






  1. Who was the first President of Assam Sahitya Sabha

(A)Lakshminath Bezbaruah

(B)Rajanikanta Bordoloi

(C)Hemchanda Goswami

(D)Padmanath Gohain Baruah


  1. Which one is the first assamese novel


(B)Podum Kunwari


(D)Sudharmar Upakhyan


  1. The state anthem “O Mur Apunar Desh” was first published in the magazine named






  1. The first Assamese magazine Orunodoi was published in the year






  1. The first Assamese to compile a dictionary named “HemKosh” is

(A)Dimbeswar Neog

(B)Chandradhar Barua

(C)Hemchandra Goswami

(D)Hemchandra Barua


  1. Who is the first Assamese to received “Jnanpith Award”

(A)Indira Goswami

(B)Birendra Kumar Bhattacharya

(C)Bhupen Hazarika

(D)Hemchandra Barua


  1. The first book to win Sahitya Akademi Award is




(D)Pita Putra


  1. Lakshminath Bezbaroa is honoured with ‘Rasaraj’ by Assam Sahitya Sabha in the year






  1. Namghosa was written by



(C)Madhava Kandali

(D)Naone of the Above


  1. Which language is used by Sankardev to written Borgeets






  1. The author of “Asomiya Sahityar Buranji” is

(A)Nathan Brown

(B)Jatindranath Duara

(C)Devendranath Bezbarua

(D)Gunabhiram Barua


  1. Srimanta Sankardev was born in the year






  1. The first Assamese film Joymoti was released in the year






  1. “Halodhia Choraye Baodhan Khai” won the National Film Award for best Feature Film in the year






  1. The film “Halodhia choraye Baodhan khai” was directed by

(A)Bhabendra Nath Saikia

(B)Jahnu Barua

(C)Bhupen Hazarika

(D)Manju Borah


  1. Sadiya Khowa Gohain was a



(C)Frontier Officer

(D)Naval Commander


19. Which is the capital of Assam?

(A) Silchar

(B) Dispur

(C) Jorhat

(D) Dibrugarh


20. When did the British annex Assam?

(A) 1772

(B) 1786

(C) 1805

      (D) 1826


21. Which state is to the north of Assam?

(A) Tripura

(B) Manipur

(C) Meghalaya

(D) Arunachal Pradesh


22. Which country is to the west of Assam?

(A) Burma

(B) Cambodia

(C) Bangladesh

(D) Spain


23. Which is the highest point in Assam?

(A) Chenghehishon

(B) Guru Peak

(C) Doda Betta

(D) Himagiri


24. Which district was separated from Assam and given to Pakistan in 1947?

(A) Chittagong

(B) Khulna

(C) Sylhet

(D) Sholashahar


25. Which state was separated from Assam in 1963?

(A) Nagaland

(B) Meghalaya

(C) Tripura

(D) Manipur


26. When was Mizoram separated from Assam?

(A) 1954

(B) 1972

(C) 1948

(D) 1964


27. Which one was the first capital of Ahom Kingdom in Assam–

(A) Garhgaon

(B) Charaideo

(C) Jorhat

(D) Sivsagar


28. How was Assam formerly known?

(A) Vanga

(B) Kamarupa

(C) Anga

(D) Vaishali


29. In addition to Assamese, which other language from the State is included in the Eight Schedule of the Indian Constitution–

(A) Mishing

(B) Rabha

(C) Tiwa

(D) Bodo


30. Gibon Wild Life Sanctury is located at–

(A) Guwahati

(B) Golaghat

(C) Jorhat

(D) Tinsukia


31. The Guwahati Tea Auction was establishment in the year–

(A) 1998

(B) 1970

(C) 1959

(D) 1988


32. Which town is also known as Manchester of Assam–

(A) Jorhat

(B) Guwahati

(C) Sualkuchi

(D) Tezpur


33. The Brahmaputra Cracker and Polymer Limited Industry is located at–

(A) Makum

(B) Guwahati

(C) Lepetkata

(D) Jorhat


34. Guwahati University was established in the year–

(A) 1935

(B) 1948

(C) 1956

(D) 1959


35. Total Number of Parliamentary constituency in Assam–

(A) 12

(B) 13

(C) 14

(D) 16


36. Lakshminath Bezbarua is honored with Rasaraj by Assam Sahitya Sabha in the Year–

(A) 1917

(B) 1922

(C) 1928

(D) 1931


37. Namghosa was written by–

(A) Sankardev

(B) Madhabdev

(C) Madhav Kandali

(D) None of the above


38. Halodhiya Choraye Baodhan Khai was Directed by–

(A) Bhabendra Natha Saikia

(B) Rajkumar da

(C) Jahnu Barua

(D) Pabitra Magherita


39. In which year Gopinath Bordoloi was arrested for taking part in the freedom movement–

(A) 1915

(B) 1918

(C) 1920

(D) 1922


40. Which Language is used by Sankardev to Written Borageets?

(A) Assamese

(B) Bengali

(C) Beajavali

(D) Sanskrit


41. Which Wildlife Sanctuary of Assam boasts of the golden langur–

(A) Pani Dihing

(B) Pobitora

(C) Laokhowa

(D) Chakrashila


42. The first Peasant Uprising against the British was known as–

(A) Phulaguri Dhawa

(B) Patharughat Raijmel

(C) Battle of Itakhuli

(D) None of the above


43. The area of Kaziranga National Park is approximately–

(A) 430 sq. km

(B) 500 sq. km

(C) 390 sq. km

(D) 720 sq. km


44. About 91% of world population of a particular animal species found in Kaziranga National Park is which one of the following–

(A) Asian hog deer

(B) Pygmy hog

(C) Asiatic wild buffalo

(D) Sangai deer


45. Of the total production of Muga, the Golden Silk, in the world, Assam produces–

(A) 69%

(B) 79%

(C) 89%

(D) 99%


46. In which of the following National Parks/Wildlife Sanctuaries, the density of rhino population is the highest–

(A) Manas

(B) Kaziranga

(C) Pobitora

(D) Nameri


47. The highest concentration of forest in the State of Assam occurs in–

(A) Karbi Anglong district

(B) Dima Hasao district

(C) Goalpara district

(D) Dhubri district


48. Pani Dihing Bird Sanctuary is located in which one of the following districts–

(A) Jorhat

(B) Sivasagar

(C) Golaghat

(D) Dhemaji


49. Who was the first martyr of 1942 Revolution in Assam–

(A) Kanaklata Barua

(B) Kamala Miri

(C) Kushal Konwar

(D) Maniram Dewan


50. The Treaty of Yandaboo signed between East India Company and which one of the following–

(A) Ahom King

(B) King of Burma

(C) Kachari King

(D) Chutiya King


51. The rank of Assam in literacy among the States of India is–

(A) 9th

(B) 12th

(C) 16th

(D) 26th


52. The first phase of Moamoria Rebellion was started in–

(A) 1749

(B) 1759

(C) 1769

(D) 1779

53.      In Ancient times, Assam is also known by the name of

(A)   Koliabor

(B)   Guwahati

(C)   Pragjyotishpur

(D)   Charaideo

 Answer: C

54.       In which hill top, the Kamakhya Temple is located

(A)   Nilachal Hill

(B)   Chitrachal Hill

(C)   Sandhyachal Hill

(D)   Jogini Hill

 Answer: A

55.       In which year , the capital of Assam shifted from Shillong to Dispur

(A)   1950

(B)   1955

(C)   1972

(D)   1973

  Answer: D

56.       Total number of National Park in Assam

(A)   3

(B)   4

(C)   5

(D)   8

  Answer: C

57.       Total number of bridges over the river Brahmaputra

(A)   2

(B)   4

(C)   8

(D)   5

 Answer: B

58.       The Naranarayan setu connects the Pancharatna Town with which city

(A)   Kalibor

(B)   Tezpur

(C)   Bongaigaon

(D)   Jogighopa

 Answer: D

59.       Who was the first Chief Minister of Assam

(A)   Bishnuram Medhi

(B)   Tarun Ram Phukan

(C)   Gopinath Bordoloi

(D)   None of the Above

  Answer: C

60.       The Abhiruchi Sports Day is celebrated on

(A)   January 13th

(B)   August 12th

(C)   August 30th

(D)   September 3rd

  Answer: D

61.       Bhogeswar Baruah wins a medal in the ——–Asian Games

(A)   1962

(B)   1966

(C)   1978

(D)   1972

  Answer: B

62.   Who was the last king of Ahom kingdom in Assam

(A)   Gobar ROja

(B)   Sutanphaa

(C)   Purandar Singha

(D)   Jogeswar Singha

  Answer: C

63.   The Treaty of Yandabo was signed in the year

(A)   1802

(B)   1826

(C)   1830

(D)   1832

 Answer: B

64.   Total number of Districts in Assam

(A)   26

(B)   25

(C)   28

(D)   33

   Answer: D

65.   Hiuen Tsang visited Assam during the reign of

(A)   Pushya Varman

(B)   Mahendra Varman

(C)   Bhaskar Varman

(D)   Brahma Pal

Answer: C

66.   In which year, Sukapha established Ahom kingdom in charaideo

(A)   1253

(B)   1272

(C)   1296

(D)   1309

 Answer:  (A) 1253

67.   The war of Saraighat was fought between Ahom and Mughal in the year

(A)   1652

(B)   1667

(C)   1670

(D)   1671

Answer: D

68.   Mahatma Gandhi first visited Assam in the year

(A)   1918

(B)   1919

(C)   1920

(D)   1921

Answer: D

69.   The first book to win Sahitya Akademi Award is

(A)   Iyaruingam

(B)   Bonphool

(C)   Alakananda

(D)   Pita Putra

   Answer: B

70.   Who is the first barrister of Assam

(A)   Haliram Deka

(B)   Pranab Kumar Borooah

(C)   Anundoram Borooah

(D)   Parul Das

 Answer: C

71.   Which one is the largest district in Assam by area wise

(A)   Barpeta

(B)   Karbi Anglong

(C)   Sivsagar

(D)   Dibrugarh

Answer: B

72.   In which district, Garampani Wildlife sanctuary is located

(A)   Golaghat

(B)   Sivsagar

(C)   Karbi Anglong

(D)   Mangaldai

 Answer: C

73.   In which year, National Games was held in Assam

(A)   2002

(B)   2004

(C)   2005

(D)   2007

 Answer: D

74.   Gibon Wildlife Sanctuary is located at

(A)   Chirang

(B)   Dibrugarh

(C)   Mangaldai

(D)   Jorhat

 Answer: D

75.   The Guwahati Tea Auction Centre was established in the year

(A)   1970

(B)   1972

(C)   1975

(D)   1977

 Answer: A

76.   Which town is also known as the Manchester of Assam

(A)   Jorhat

(B)   Mangaldai

(C)   Sualkuchi

(D)   Diphu

Answer: C

77.   The Brahmaputra cracker and Polymer Limited Industry is located at

(A)   Makum

(B)   Mariani

(C)   Lepetkata

(D)   Nagaon

Answer: C

78.   Which city of Assam has the largest dry fish market of Asia

(A)   Tangla

(B)   Jagirod

(C)   Mangaldai

(D)   Tinsukia

  Answer: B

79.   Guwahati University was established in the year

(A)   1935

(B)   1943

(C)   1948

(D)   1950

Answer: C

80.   Who was the first vice-chancellor of Guwahati University

(A)   Krishna Kanta Handique

(B)   Hemchandra Goswami

(C)   Padmanath Gohain Baruah

(D)   Rajanikanta Bordoloi

Answer: A

81.   Total number of Parliamentary constituency in Assam

(A)   12

(B)   13

(C)   14

(D)   16

Answer: C

82.   How much percent of the Indian landmass is covered by the State of Assam

(A)   3.39%

(B)   2.39%

(C)   4.39%

(D)   2.93%

 Answer: B

83.   The literacy rate of Assam according to 2011 census is

(A)   72.19%

(B)   72.58%

(C)   73.12%

(D)   73.98%

  Answer: A

84.   When the uprising of patharughat took place

(A)   1857

(B)   1864

(C)   1889

(D)   1894

Answer: D

85.   Who was the president of the Swaraj party in Assam during freedom movement

(A)   Bishnuram Medhi

(B)   Gopinath Bordoloi

(C)   Tarun Ram Phookan

(D)   Maniram Dewan

 Answer: C

86.   The terracotta industry is located in

(A)   Dhubri

(B)   Karimganj

(C)   Goalpara

(D)   Dhemaji

Answer: A

87.   The Ahom Kingdom was established in the year

(A)   1216

(B)   1228

(C)   1257

(D)   1274

Answer: B

88.   The shiv dol was constructed during the reign of

(A)   Pramatta Singha

(B)   Rudra Singha

(C)   Purandar Singha

(D)   Siba Singha

Answer: D

89.   The Assam Public service commission (APSC) Regulation was promulgated in exercise of the powers

(A)   1947

(B)   1950

(C)   1951

(D)   1960

 Answer: C

90.   The first stadium of Assam was built in

(A)   Jorhat

(B)   Guwahati

(C)   Tezpur

(D)   Dhemaji

 Answer: A

91.   Prachya sasanavali was edited by

(A)   Dr. Maheswar Neog

(B)   Dr. Birinchi Kumar Barua

(C)   Dr. Surya Kumar Bhuyan

(D)   Dr. bhupen Hazarika

Answer: A

92.   The king nickednamed as Bhagaraja was

(A)   Sutiyampha

(B)   Sutamla

(C)   Surampha

(D)   Sunyatpha

  Answer: C

93.   During freedom struggle, the “Mrityu Bahini” was formed by

(A)   Chandraprabha Saikiani

(B)   Pushpalata Das

(C)   Rani Gaidinlieu

(D)   Kanaklata Barua

  Answer: B

94.   “Rang Ghar” was constructed during the reign of

(A)   Rudra Singha

(B)   Rajeswar Singha

(C)   Pramatta Singha

(D)   Siv Singha

Answer: C

95.   When was Assam Provincial Congress Committee formed

(A)   1920

(B)   1921

(C)   1922

(D)   1923

Answer: B

96. Name the person who recently became the first recipient of state bravery award of Assam?

(A) Gunjan Sarma
(B) Aditi Sarma
(C) Gayatri Sarma
(D) Haribala

 Answers : A

97.A University recently signed a MoU with ICAR to open 638th Krishi Vigyan Kendra in Baksa district. Name the University?

(A) Junagadh Agricultural University
(B) Assam Agricultural University
(C) Rajendra Agricultural University
(D) Indian Agricultural Research Institute

 Answers : B

98.Which State became the first State to legally ban the smokeless tobacco on 13 February 2014?

(A) Sikkim
(B) Mizoram
(C) Bihar
(D) Assam

 Answers : D

99.Bhasha Shahid Diwas or Language Martyrs Day was observed on 19 May 2014 in a North East State of India. Name the State?

(A) Manipur
(B) Assam
(C) Meghalaya
(D) Sikkim

Answers : B

100.Where is the 16th national women boxing championship held in November?

(B) Odisha
(C) West Bengal
(D) Assam

Answers : D